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Conservatory Styles

Victorian Conservatories

This traditional conservatory design usually includes a three or five facet bay which projects outwards giving way to excellent outside views. The Victorian conservatory style also features beautiful finials that line the roof for a classic finishing touch.

Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home. This classic conservatory style is either square or rectangular in design, giving way to an incredibly spacious design with lots of floor space.

Lean-To Conservatories

The lean-to conservatory is a popular style and very cost-effective. These conservatories are ideal if your property has low eaves or limited space, making them perfect option for bungalows or homes with awkward outside spaces.

Conservatory Refurbishments

Stunning New Features

You can add beautiful new features to your existing conservatory with our extensive conservatory refurbishment options.

Upgrade Windows

Upgrade your conservatory windows to create a whole new look. We have a wide range of window options that include the latest styles, security and glazing designs.

Stylish Entrance Doors

Enhance the appearance of your conservatory with our stylish range of conservatory doors.

Complete Replacement

If you are looking for a complete transformation then we can replace your entire conservatory so that it meets your desired requirements.

Replace Walls & Glass

Replace your conservatory walls and glass so you can benefit from better energy efficiency. We can replace your existing glass and walls with a stylish and efficient alternative.

Conservatory Roofs

Does your conservatory roof in need of repair or replacement? We can replace tired and dull looking conservatory roofs with attractive and energy efficient alternatives.


All of our products are fully secured with the highest quality shoot bolts locking system for maximum security in your home.

Secured By Design Accredited

Our shootbolt locking system has been accredited with Secured by design police preferred specification, the highest possible level of protection against forced entry.

Highest Standards of Security

Your home should be a safe haven – that’s why all of our products are designed, tested and certified to meet the highest standards of security and part of the British Standards system demonstrating enhanced security performance.

Toughened or Laminated Glass

We give the option to have the glass in our products we offer to be toughened or laminated for extra security making the glass 5 times stronger than the original glass of the same thickness.

Security Customisation

We understand the importance of making you feel safe. We offer customisation and additional security with a range of locks to make you feel safe and relaxed in your own home.

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Energy & Eco Friendly

thermally efficient double glazing

Warmth and Controlled Temperature

Our uPVC windows greatly improve the insulation in a room. In the summer they prevent a room heating up and in the winter they trap heat in a room. This is due mostly to the layer of air between the two panes of glass in double glazing

Energy Bills

Energy Bills

Our uPVC Windows are of the best quality ratting an energy performance of an A on the official BFRC chart. Meaning you will save money on your energy bills making sure the heat is retained in your home.



Our uPVC windows are extremely robust and do not need expensive steel reinforcement. They are therefore 100% recyclable making them a truly environmentally friendly product.

Low Carbon Footprint

Low Carbon Footprint

Having uPVC windows installed throughout your property will reduce the amount of energy you use and can lower your CO2 emissions by approximately 2/3 of a tonne (680kg) each year!

Spectus Window Systems

Areas We Cover

We cover all areas of Hampshire (Southampton, Chandlers Ford, Winchester), South West and London.

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