How To Clean And Maintain Your uPVC Double Glazing Windows

how to clean upvc double glazing windows

Many of us invest a lot of expense into installing quality uPVC double glazing units in the hope that they will last for several years without needing to be replaced. Often, it’s our own maintenance efforts that prolong the life of our windows. Below, you will find tips and tricks on how to clean and maintain your uPVC Double Glazing Windows.


how to clean upvc double glazing windows

What should I use to clean my double glazing?

First off, gather your tools and ingredients. You’ll need some water (preferably distilled to prevent streaks), white vinegar, a bowl, a microfibre cloth, newspaper and cotton wool buds. To clean the glass effectively, there are a few simple methods to get that streak-free shine. Here is our tried and tested technique:



Combine one-part white vinegar to four parts water, then using the microfibre cloth, wipe the windows clean in a circular motion. Keep topping up your cloth with the cleaning mixture to remove as much grime as possible. Using a cotton bud or old toothbrush, really get into those corners to make sure they are completely clean. Remember to keep dipping into the water and vinegar during this stage too.

Surprisingly, a newspaper is a fantastic material for buffing windows to remove streaks for a clear view. You might want to don a pair of gloves for this part, as some of the newspaper print could transfer onto your hands.

If you don’t feel confident about mixing your own cleaning solution, you can buy a good quality brand, such as You or Karcher.

Top tip

Make sure you clean your windows on a cloudy, dull day. Although it can be tempting to save this job for a sunny day, this means that your windows may dry too quickly, which can cause streaks.


Some other useful tips we’ve researched which you might want to try when cleaning your uPVC Double glazing windows…

“Bowl of hot water with a cup of white vinegar chucked in, teeny tiny drop of washing up liquid, wash with microfibre cloth (tesco value ones are ace, £1.50 for 5) and dry off with cotton tea towel. Also, wipe inside of window horizontally, the outside vertically, then if there are any smears that show up in the sunshine you know which side of the window they are on.”


“On the inside I just use vinegar and water, no washing up liquid, then dried off with a scrunched up newspaper.”


“Just wash them down [with hot soapy water] until you feel them clean enough to then buff with a clean dry microfibre or towelling cloth, no fancy brand needed just keep washing and drying.”


“I use an enjo glass cleaning mitt followed by a glass polishing cloth, with a spray glass cleaner, usually once a week.”

How to clean double glazing windows

How do I stop mold from building up?

So you’re satisfied with your sparkly, clean windows but you seem to be having an issue with mold appearing.

Condensation is a common issue and can cause mold to appear on your double glazing. To avoid or prevent this, there are a number of

things you can do:

  • Remove moisture from your windows with a sponge or window cleaner tool
  • Don’t push furniture against walls
  • Keep your home well ventilated by opening windows and using extractor fans when cooking or showering
  • Insulate your home properly

For a more in depth look into how to remove condensation in your home and windows – check out our separate article on this. 

How do I keep the hinges, locks, and mechanisms running smoothly?

It’s important that your windows and doors are in full working order, both for the safety and security of your home. Broken locks can make it easier for burglars to break in and stiff hinges or mechanisms can affect your escape in an emergency.

  • Keep hinges clean and clear of obstructions, such as a build-up of dirt
  • Use a light oil to ensure hinges work effectively (and don’t squeak!). WD40 is a good, all-rounder for any moving parts of your windows
  • Make sure sliding doors or windows have clean tracks to avoid sticking. You can use a wire brush to reduce any excess oil on the tracks

And don’t forget, if you notice anything unusual about your double glazed windows, such as moisture inside the panels, cloudy or misty panes, or anything else, contact us today to see if we can help you.

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